Artificial Intelligence Marketing

Artificial Intelligence Marketing Association Manifesto – #AIMA

Nowadays, we are hearing experts and professionals talking about the good sides of innovation. Robots helping humans rehabilitate from fatal diseases or machines predicting future consumers’ behaviors. On the other hand, many are also talking about job replacement. For these ones, the robots will take everything and destroy the planet once and for all. No…


LinkedIn in 10 passi

Ottimizzare il tuo profilo LinkedIn in 10 passi

Ottimizzare il tuo profilo LinkedIn in 10 passi, ORIGINARIAMENTE PUBBLICATO SUL “CORRIERE DELLA SERA” Sia che tu sia alla ricerca di lavoro così come sia interessato a trovare partner o collaboratori, o a essere avvicinato da potenziali clienti, avere un profilo LinkedIn professionale e accattivante è molto utile. Per chi non lo sapesse, LinkedIn è il social network che…


Growth Hacking , Growth hackers

Growth Hacking 101: Tim Draper Last Effort (HoTMaiL Case)

Growth hacking is the act of accelerating the growth of a brand, service or product through the use of metrics and creative, innovative marketing strategies and state-of-the-art technology. It entails bypassing traditional approaches and streamlining growth. Let’s go “Back To The Future”. How Growth Hacking begin? This is the first online Growth Hacking incident, and…


Digital Marketing 101 , Roadmap

Digital Marketing 101 + Roadmap

Digital marketing is fundamental to businesses’ success in today’s modern era of engagement marketing. Promoting brands, products, and services online and through mobile applications is quickly becoming table stakes. So as a marketer, you must get on board. WHAT ACTUALLY IS DIGITAL MARKETING? Digital marketing is the endorsement of goods, services, and company brands through online…